Together We Are Us

Love. Digital. Hopes and dreams. Distraction. Temporary satisfaction. Words. Rhythm. Illusion. Confusion. Welcome to today’s dating where you’ll find a mixed variety of intentions thrown into a central holding location sucked up from the vacuum and its contents emptied out for you to sort through. What is real? What is not? What are you looking for? What are they looking for?


For those who happen to be looking for a true, meaningful, loving, affectionate, supportive, understanding, out-of-this-world, deep and forever kind of love connection filled with silliness to seriousness and everything in between, and I happen to fall into this, then we should turn to Netflix, not online dating.

But, what if he or she is out there?  What if they exist? So we try. And try some more. Until one day, the universe decides it’s your day to win the online dating lotto. There she was. There was I. OKCupid. A free online dating app where we crossed paths. Signals sent. Each letter made up a word. Each word a sentence. Each of us following a trail of curiosity, the hearts of our minds, the minds of our souls, the souls of belief, and the belief of our heart. Even before we spoke. Before our first kiss. Before our first date. Before we had our first email exchange. I just knew. She was the one. Today, I know she is THE ONLY ONE.

Relationships are not meant to be easy. They require transparency, vulnerability, security, intellectual honesty, and a desire to grow both individually and together. Opening yourself up completely. Failing. Challenging. Change. This is a scary place for most. Somewhere along the way, there are times when one can and will fall down. She is always there to pick me back up, and I’m right there for her. We are each other’s wheelbarrow. Inside, that wheelbarrow is filled with life’s greatest memories, moments, and challenges. Together, we experience life. Together, We Are Us. This is the greatest love I’ve ever known.

Every Day. Something Special. It started with hello and continues to evolve as we discover a further depth into each other that has never been reached before. Thank You OkCupid for providing this platform for US to connect and find our true love. Perfection it’s not. Perfectness it is. Happiness and Laughter fill our every days.

You and me. Every day I fall deeper in love with you. Together we create this, live this, experience this crazy life. Fuck the ordinary. Love the moment. No Rules. Just Us. I love you so, Lauren.



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