Man Saves Woman After She Disappears From Facebook

In an interesting turn of events, a local man called authorities after becoming concerned when Lisa suddenly stopped posting her overly annoying Facebook posts. “Rarely, would an hour go by without seeing another useless rant from her. It goes on all day, every day. No one cares.”


 But someone did care and took notice. “You expect these worthless posts in your feed,” Billy stated, “and you expect to get pissed. It became apparent that I was missing something… missing getting  pissed off!”

 And so he decided to call 911 and report a missing post. Although the dispatcher initially laughed at his request, she soon realized this was no laughing matter when he told her the post was missing for  over an hour now. Police responded to Lisa’s residence and found her internet connection dropped. They moved quickly to free her modem and reset the channel. Within minutes, her useless, self-absorbed, and hashtag overload posts were live again.

 Billy has since decided to hide Lisa’s posts, but checks on her from time to time. As for Lisa, she continues to offer the world minute by minute advice and tips on everything we aren’t looking for, and  everything we didn’t ask for. She thinks otherwise. #annoyinghashhole 

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