Combat Veteran. Farmer. Fitness Guru. 

The New Balance of Life

by JASON LEBOWITZ | November 5, 2012

LORREN POGSON, a 33-year-old Combat Veteran (Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom), Former Army Captain, Farmer, Construction Worker, Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, is a true inspiration to all. With the ability to balance such a rigorous schedule, it only seems fit to now study for an MBA in Project Management. Holy Excellent! Lorren may favor the minimalist approach to footwear, but she certainly maximizes living life. Her unconventional, innovative training style proves just why she is so effective when it comes to fitness.

How do you train?

I train like I fight! As a farmer and construction hand, I am constantly moving, twisting, turning, lifting, and standing. This requires great endurance, stability and form. So I train my body in these movements.  Working on proper lifting assists me in keeping good form in the fields and on the job; therefore minimizing potential injury. I use free weights and my own body weight for cardio and weight training. I LOVE jump roping, swimming, mountain biking and climbing trees.

Describe a ‘typical’ Lorren workout

I work out almost everyday. The intensity and focus of my workouts vary depending upon which muscle groups I worked the day prior. I change up my exercises constantly so I don’t get into a routine and bore my muscles.

My workouts consist of:

  • WARM-UP (Jumping Jacks and High Knees)
  • CARDIO (Mountain Climbers, Plank Jacks, Jump Rope)
  • MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT (Weighted Lunges, BOSU Ball Squats with Weights, Squats and Press, Spiderman Push-ups and Kickboxing)

This is by no means an all inclusive list of my exercises. I combine military moves into my workouts, often calling cadence for people as they do Jumping Jacks, 4-Count Push-ups and Flutter Kicks.

Tell me about some of your outdoor fitness training

I love being outside and anytime I can do a workout in the open air, I will. I set up bales of straw and run hurdles, swim in the river, and climb a tree and do pull-ups.

“Exercise keeps me calm. If I am inactive, I am stir-crazy.”

Maintaining a healthy body through exercise helps me excel within my line of work. It keeps me strong enough to lift a few tons of produce a day, frame a house, play with my niece, or just be plain tough and ready for whatever comes my way. When I exercise, I feel indestructible.


How has the Army helped develop your approach to fitness?

I have earned numerous Army fitness awards. I love obstacle courses and hand-to-hand combat routines. At one point during my training, I was doing up to 500 push-ups a day. The Army training tapped into a potential that I had barely acknowledged. I knew it was there but had no concept of how to access it.

It let me be strong, aggressive and determined. I became competitive and very proud of what I can accomplish. I used to put weights in my rucksack and go for runs or hikes for a few hours at a time- good way to clear the head.

A year ago, I earned my certificate for Group Fitness Instruction and teach Boot Camp classes at Fitbody training studio in Avon, CT. I attended Army “boot camp” in 2000 and apply the training activities and determination learned during that time, to my classes. My clients’ self-esteem changes as they realize their potential. Their bodies change as they are introduced to unfamiliar and challenging activities.

“We develop as a team. Strong, Proud and Sweaty!”


Looking ahead, what’s next?

What I hope to do is incorporate farming and fitness into one. I would like to have my own farm where people can come and take fitness classes, get a massage and head out to the fields and pick their own food. They will bring their food into the kitchen and the chef will prepare whatever they have chosen. They get the benefits of fresh food and the physical benefits of harvesting it. There is no exercise like farming.


What is your connection with New Balance?

The Minimus- Love the Minimus because a year-and-a-half ago, I slipped a disc in my lower back. I had been running and doing yoga, shoveling snow, and finally, my back gave out.

“The Minimus allows me to run and jump without pain- something no other shoe can do for me.”

My body hits the ground and adjusts itself appropriately. I can feel what is beneath me and can alter my course and activity as necessary.

Sharp. Influential. Dialed In To Life. We look forward to following Lorren’s constant changing course as she continues to inspire countless others along the way. It’s no wonder she significantly impacts, and positively changes her client’s lives every single day. The only roadblock so far has been the limitation of days in a week. Like everything else in her life, if there’s a way to change it, she will find it. And I don’t want to be the one standing in her way when that happens.


Photo credit for SNEAKER PICTURE ONLY: analog_chainsaw / Foter / CC BY-NC

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