A Disturbingly Funny, Dark Comedy.

The Debut Novel by Jason Lebowitz


         THE SIMPLISTIC APPROACH                                                

Charlie Waters, an architect by trade, develops mind-altering plans for his future wife. His best friend, Bulldog Fred, engineers the design into reality. Together, Charlie and Bulldog are on an endless search for the perfect counter; never quite satisfied with their significant other. Selfishly trapped inside an analytical obsession for perfection, constantly, they rethink what a beautiful love story is made of; continuously reworking the equation. All of the insecurities, nuances and flaws in a relationship, lead them to the ultimate encounter; an ending approach that will leave any simplistic questions answered and oddly redefine the definition of love.


5.0 out of 5 stars entertaining and unique writing style

This author has a very unique writing style. His characters are vivid, funny,yet deep. A good read for either of the sexes. I recommend this book and look forward to more from the author.

5.0 out of 5 stars Fascinating read!

LOVED this book!
Lebowitz takes a less than simplistic approach in writing style, which I greatly enjoyed. I was lost in the story, and the way he framed it, by the time I got to the second paragraph. Wry humor, dark romance and psychological twists will keep you locked in until the very last word. I’m hoping for a Charlie & Bulldog series, as I can’t get enough of these characters. HIGHLY recommended!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Stupendous Imagination? Or reality?

In raw form I am immediately captivated by the authors preface. Craving the promises of each chapter, I became addicted to the subtle yet aggressive circumstances that aroused. Indeed the characters are complex, in fact the corruption feels to me a bit authentic. Written with such eloquence, I am challenged with my own questions on the perfect partner? The strain of happiness seems to only be relieved by the solace of suffering. (Lebowitz, J) telling the story of what most people fear but only a select few will convey. Can’t wait for the next masterpiece, truly brilliant!

5 of 5 stars false
This was a quick, funny read. I would definitely recommend it!


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